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Going Merry Floating Boat

Going Merry Floating Boat

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  Lovely Design : Symbol of unsinkable love and courage, this unsinkable cruise ship decoration means that our love and life can face many challenges and difficulties, I believe we can all have such fearless courage and achieve such everlasting love. The flowing model of the cruise ship was designed based on the story of the Titanic.

  Cruise Ship Fluid Drift Bottle : This unsinkable sailboat decoration symbolizes unsinkable eternal friendship, when you shake this fluid drift bottle, there is a surging sea, cruise ships and icebergs float with the water, as if They were about to capsize, and eventually They will float on water, never sink.

  Relieve Anxiety : Fun and creative cruise accessories can give you a great sense of security and relieve stress and anxiety. It will make different oscillations according to the fluctuation of the sea water, making you feel like you are in a storm at sea.

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Shake it left and right and it will never leak!

This high quality unsinkable ship is the best gift for anime fans to always remember that the ship will never sink!

Drive and let the ship sail!

Shake it or let it roll in your car! Drive and see the sunny sail and never sink!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Amira Hessel

Décoration Super cool, excellente qualité.

Camron O'Reilly

Marchandises de bon emballage. Le petit n'est pas trompé. C'est cool d'ajouter du mur. Je le recommande.

Adella Thiel

Arrivé très rapidement, vraiment très beau.
Hâte de le mettre dans la voiture.

Carleton Strosin

J'adore ce très joli
Je suis sûr que mon petit ami va adorer

Il est venu très bien emballé, ils étaient prudents.

Emely DuBuque

Satisfaite très belle égale à l'annonce